Sol-Knit® / 39-122Fully Coated, Nitrile, Supported

  • Interlock knit cotton liner adds strength and comfort
  • Stand up to sharp edges and abrasive surfaces better than lightweight neoprene or PVC
  • Curved, pre-flexed fingers and wing thumb reduce hand fatigue for extra worker comfort
  • Durability and chemical resistance
  • Resists fuels, lubricants, acids, solvents, and a wide range of other chemical hazards
  • Tough and flexible


  • Automotive assembly and painting
  • Petrochemical refining
  • Chemical handling and processing
  • Degreasing
  • Machine tool maintenance and cleanup
  • General maintenance work
  • Graphic arts and printing cleanup
  • Fishing industry

Style Description Size CFIA*
39-122 Fully coated, 12", green 9, 10 X
39-124 Fully coated, 14", green 7, 8, 9, 10
*CFIA : Canadian Food Inspection Agency