PVA™ / 15-554Polyvinyl Alcohol Coated, Interlock Knit Lined

  • Nearly inert to strong solvents, including aromatics, aliphatics and chlorinated solvents—chemicals which quickly deteriorate natural rubber, neoprene and PVC 
  • Little absorption to cause swelling, and little extraction to cause shrinking
  • Only weigh about half as much as neoprene-coated gauntlets
  • Good resistance to snags, punctures, abrasion and cuts
  • High level of comfort


  • Electronics
  • Handling strong organic solvents
  • Working with epoxies and pre-preg

PVA coating is water-soluble. Do not use in water or water-based solutions.

Style Description Size
15-552 Fully coated, 12", interlock-liner, red 9, 10
15-554 Fully coated, 14", interlock-liner, red 9, 10